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Performing at the Royal Albert Hall, October 2013
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Amanda Lehmann - Guitarist and Vocalist

Amanda Lehmann EP - Shadow

Amanda Lehmann EP - Shadow 4 tracks:
Somebody Out There
Click here to listen to an excerpt of Shadow - Shadow
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Wazzoon - Through the Haze

Wazzoon (Amanda Lehmann & Eddy Deegan) album now available for download.
8 great tracks!

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A brief biography

Originally a classically trained pianist, Amanda fell in love with the power of rock and the overdriven guitar. But not being one to be constrained to any one musical genre, she has blended the boundaries throughout her musical career between folk, blues, rock and classical. An accomplished singer/songwriter, Amanda has written and recorded many pieces, and is currently working on her solo album on which she plays guitar and vocals and programs the bass, drums and synthesizer backing.

Amanda has played in several bands based in southern England, but gigging throughout the UK. She has been involved in various duo and solo work (the main duo being Wazzoon (Amanda Lehmann & Eddy Deegan), who's album "Through the Haze" is available for download), session vocals and guitar, and also written music for film and TV.

Steve Hackett

From 2009 Amanda has been playing guitar and backing / lead vocals with Steve Hackett, recording vocals on Out of the Tunnel's Mouth and subsequently joining the band on the UK 2009 tour, and continuing throughout 2010 - 2013.

Amanda has also recorded vocals on Steve Hackett's albums including Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, Beyond the Shrouded Horizon, Squackett's A Life Within a Day, Genesis Revisited II, Wolflight and The Night Siren. She also performs on the live DVDs Fire & Ice, Live at Hammersmith, Live at the Albert Hall, The Total Experience Live in Liverpool and Wuthering Nights Live in Birmingham

Harmony For Elephants

Amanda wrote and recorded a track specially for a charity album project - Harmony for Elephants.

The album features new tracks by Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Roger King, Nick Magnus, Nad Sylvan, Rob Townsend, Amanda Lehmann, Andy Neve, Tony Patterson, Brendan Eyre, Andy Tillison, Dale Newman and Anna Madsen. The album features new music donated to raise funds and awareness for the charity Elephants for Africa, an organisation dedicated to protecting the endangered African elephant through research and education.

Harmony For Elephants CD - order here!

Listen to an excerpt from Amanda's track "We Are One"

Other projects

Amanda is currently taking time out of the touring scene to be at home with her son, and appears whenever she can as a special guest at Steve Hackett shows. She is also working on her solo album and continues to be involved in recording projects, one being Sarastro Blake's "New Progmantics" and currently Foreign's inspired rock opera "The Symphony of the Wandering Jew Part II", due for release later in 2018.

Amanda recently also spent a couple of years playing electric, acoustic and vocals with a Heart tribute band, "Reckless Heart" as "Nancy".

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Interview by Unit Radio with Steve Hackett & Amanda Lehmann with music from Trading Boundaries show

Interview with Progsheet - October 2011



Photo taken at High Voltage Festival, London 2010
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Amanda Lehmann and Steve Hackett
Photo taken at Hammersmith Apollo, London 2013
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Amanda Lehmann and Lisa Fury
Reckless Heart 2014
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Photo taken at Cicso Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottowa 2010
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